Made for simmerjam, with a two-color minimalism theme.

In the far distant future, humans have been forced to deploy satellite space stations as protection against hostile alien races. Now, the Zeta Outpost is under attack by a vicious species of Bugs!

Use the mouse to aim your searchlight. Bugs will be detected audially the moment they come within range, but the searchlight is the only way to pinpoint them and counterattack!

When the meter is full, click the left mouse button to unleash a devastating laser attack, instantly incinerating any Bugs caught in the searchlight!

Increase your score +1 for every second survived, +5 for every Bug zapped, and +100 bonus for completing a round!  Survive until the end of the round to earn an upgrade!

Sound Credits:
"Observing The Star" by yd of
"Starlight" by KLY of
sound effects by Dustyroom of the Unity Asset Store, rubberduck of, Little Robot Sound Factory of

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